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Isabelle Siem

Isabelle Siem, born in 1999, is an Amsterdam based painter. It is in Amsterdam where she studies at the University and finds inspiration for her paintings. The first Corona-lockdown gave her space, through extra spare time, to further explore, and sparkle, her creative side.

Isabelle intends to use her art as a bridge between the expression and understanding of our feeling. She both wants to articulate, and share, her perspective while simultaneously creating space for her audience to form an own interpretation. Hence, Isabelle prefers to paint in an abstract style. As she explains; "This style fascinates me. It’s the combination of shapes, colors and textures that provokes an emotion. There are multiple meanings behind a painting since nobody looks at it with the same eyes. People can recognize a specific theme or themselves in a painting without excluding the same experience for the other."

During the first months of 2021, Siem will debut with her first exhibition in Haarlem and Amsterdam. Feel free to contact her for inquiries or for an appointment to acquaint yourself with her work with your own eyes.